Inovel Parc Nord – 78140 Vélizy Villacoublay

dc2scale velizy

  • 250 sqm IT room of 60 racks

Our 250 qsm of IT room allow us to offer you a fully personalized space according to your needs. With a capacity of 60 racks, it can accommodate, for example, a dedicated Cold Air Containment or an equivalent HPC architecture. Contact us and our teams will offer you suitable solutions.

  • A redundant Tier3 design in terms of electricity and cooling

We support our clients with the maximum redundancy at the electrical level (N+1). It was designed, built and it's maintained by experts and in compliance with industry standards. From a cooling point of view, our air conditioning cabinets (CRACs) each operate with 2 redundant cooling circuits.

  • 250 sqm

  • 60+


  • 300kVA+

    power supply

  • 8

    fiber operators available

  • A redondant and backed up electrical line

The data center has a 250 kVA connection from the grid, secured by a 300kVA generator set (backed up by a mobile generator used in the event of a major disaster).

  • N+1 electrical distribution with Schneider / APC PDPM

The electrical distribution to each bay is done using PDPMs (APC - Schneider Electric) allowing us to accurately measure the electrical consumption of each rack.

  • 2N redondant CRACS units

The data center has 6 direct expansion Stulz CRACs (two circuits separated by CRAC). In parallel, a chilled water loop with a dry-cooler makes it possible to limit the use of an energy-intensive compressor, and thus operate in "free-cooling" mode below 17 °.

  • 24/7 protection

In order to protect your business and your servers and as we put security at the heart of our daily activity, a multitude of physical security systems have been set up on our Vélizy site. The site is supervised 24/7 by an external NOC and secured by a guard service.

  • Datacenter accessibility

Access to the Datacenter is through a single-person airlock, preceded by a armored door and biometric access control. In addition, we have various infrared barriers, presence detectors and infrared cameras (night vision) outside and inside the data center.

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Our experts offer customized support to support you in setting up your infrastructure to develop your space according to your needs!

  • Cisco
  • Dell EMC
  • APC Schneider
  • Intel