How we build dc2scale ?

"The explosion of digital needs has radically changed the industry. DC2SCALE's mission today is to support businesses and individuals in this digital revolution by providing them with reliable, modular and optimized computer rooms to meet their needs.

The world is changing and we are changing ourselves. "


Our convictions

Our vision

Born with the collaboration of two entrepreneurs passionate by the IT industry with a strong experience in hosting, telecoms and daily customers of various Parisian datacenters, the project to build DC2SCALE was born in 2019 noting the absence of offers corresponding to their expectations.

After having met a Datacenter project manager, the project was launched in mid-2019.

The vision is clear: to offer the most robust and secure infrastructure for its customers by offering them real flexibility and a price adapted to your needs.

Our solutions !

After several years in the data center, hosting and IaaS industries, we realized that the data center sector was sometimes too expensive in terms of critical infrastructure and that there were only a few offers truly flexible and adapted according to the level of redundancy requested by each client.

We therefore decided to launch dc2scale, a French colocation company which places flexibility, environment and optimization at the heart of its values.


Our company

Through innovation, in-depth work from a Design and Operations perspective and by working directly with our customers, we are continuously improving our infrastructure. In DC2SCALE, it's the infrastructure that adapts to our customers.

Whether by choosing LED lighting, optimizing electrical costs, choosing “green” energy supply contracts (renewable energies) or putting in place “line interactive” UPS that are more economical than classic UPS, this savings that affect the end customer. Dc2scale therefore carries environmental values ​​on a daily basis.

Our news

24/04 : "Dc2scale, une autre vision de la colocation" / Datacenter Mag